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Girls Volleyball Tryouts

Welcome to the 21/22 SKY ELITE Girls Volleyball Tryout Registration Page

Our mission is to develop the Skill and Knowledge of today's Youth. We do this by priding ourselves on being a training program first and foremost. We take a targeted approach in teaching the skills and fundamentals of the game of volleyball. We also believe in developing the entire athlete and helping them not only become more skillful in the game of volleyball but also become a stronger, faster, and more explosive athlete. 

We are excited about the level of competition that we will be aiming to achieve this year! With Mackenzie Greene as our new Volleyball Director we will be focusing on offering competitive teams that will play in top tournament competition. Our Premier level teams will be placed in some of the top tournaments in the region/country to ensure college visibility.  We understand that for many of our athletes it will be a high priority to be seen by college coaches therefore, we will aim to aid and assist any athlete looking for college recruiting help.  

SKY athletes will benefit from 3 days per week of practice/training. Each athlete will have 2 days of team practice as well as a 3rd day of skill development training. Our skill day breaks each athlete up by position, to hone in on their specific individual skills.  We also then provide training in the areas of strength training, speed and agility, and jump training. This years Sports Performance Program will be ran by Jordan Barton, the head women's volleyball coach at Franciscan University. Jordan also has a bachelors degree in exercise physiology, with this she will be meshing together high level sports performance concepts with volleyball specific drills to help our athletes become the most efficient they can be.

Our number 1 rule is "Positive Vibes Only" we believe that your club experience should be a positive one and we hold all players, coaches, and staff accountable to this. While correcting bad habits is something we will do, we promise to always conduct ourselves in a positive manner to help get the most out of our athletes and uplift their confidence. In addition to building our athletes confidence we believe in promoting our athletes via highlight videos and shout outs on social media. While we can't promise each athlete will get spotlighted on our social media we do try to get everyone involved. This year we have contracted a local videographer Colton Hemphill, "Colton MP4", to help promote our athletes and gather highlights and footage. For anyone looking to have their athlete spotlighted with a game/practice highlight and player interview that can be purchased separately through our schedulicty booking website "Player Spotlights"

We are excited for this season and the coaching staff that we have assembled. If you have any questions regarding our club program, please reach out to! 

Teams and Ages

We will be taking teams at the following age groups.

12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, and 18U

For our 14-18U teams we will be looking to have "Premier" level teams and play in some of the top tournaments in the region/country. 

For those who are looking for more of a mid level team we will be offering those as well at the same age levels 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, and 18U. Each athlete will know which level team they are being offered at, when they receive their offer letter.


Tryout Registration

Tryouts will be separated by age. Please have your child tryout for the correct age group. See below for the USAV age classification breakdown.



SKY ELITE Registration Steps

  • Fill out the SKY ELITE Registration Form
  • Complete the digital SKY ELITE Waiver
  • Complete USAV Waiver & bring to tryouts
  • Bring copy of birth certificate to tryouts


Tryout Breakdowns

Once you register through our "SKY ELITE" registration form your spot will be saved for tryouts. Every Sunday evening we will send out an official email letting you know which group you have been placed in for your tryout. You can see those tryout breakdowns below. If you have any question please feel free to email or call 412-376-3227.