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Boys Volleyball

SKY Boys Volleyball 

For the 2021 fall season S.K.Y. will be hosting 2 separate programs. The first program will be our fall volleyball Developmental program. This program will be geared towards all boys volleyball players looking to get extra reps and develop their volleyball skill. Included will be a sports performance jump training program, where we will focus on helping our athletes become stronger, more explosive, and increase their vertical jump. 

Athletes who sign up for this program will benefit from 40 hours of high level volleyball training ran by former D1 volleyball player Joe Koszelak (Saint Francis University). This program will run from the beginning of September through the middle of November. Practices will be 2x per week on Monday (6:30 - 8:30 pm) and Wednesdays (6:30 - 8:30 pm). Our sports performance program will be run by Jordan Becque, who is the current head womens volleyball coach at Franciscan University. Jordan who has a bachelor in exercise physiology and her personal training accreditation will be meshing high level jump training concepts into volleyball specific movements. Our Developmental program is designed to allow athletes to get the much needed reps in the fall before club officially kicks off. Players can sign up for our developmental program and still tryout for our competitive club teams. All ages welcome.

Our 2nd program that  we will be running for boys this year is our competitive club team. We will be aiming to create a highly competitive boys team either at the 14U,15U, 16U, 17U, or 18U levels. This year we will be continuing our volleyball training and skill development as well as our sport performance program for our club teams. As well we will be installing a recruiting consultation program run by coach Joe Keszelak, as well as hosting one team to be our "Showcase" team. This means we will be dedicating a videographer to this team to help gather highlights, player interviews, and practice clips. This is in the hopes of helping our athletes gain more exposure to college coaches. Tryouts dates are listed below, please register through our below link. Any member of our Developmental program will have their tryout fee waived for our competitive club team.


Developmental Program-$700

Competitive Club Team- $1,500

"Showcase" Club Team-$1,650

Club Tryouts- Depending upon numbers tryouts will be split into a 15 and older group as well as a 14 and younger group. We will email you your official start time.

Saturday 9/25 (12-2 pm) 

Sunday 9/26 (9-11 am)

(Price does not include Nationals)

For any questions please contact

Please sign the below waiver and fill out the registration form.